Unmarried Partner Visa

The unmarried partner visa allows the unmarried partners to stay or reside in the UK meaning that they are in a relationship with a civil partner of UK citizen who are permitted to stay in the UK along with no immigration restrictions.

The visa is issued them who have heterosexual or same sex relationship and you can prove that your relationship is subsisting and you both are intending to stay together in the future.

How to qualify for a Unmarried partner Visa

  • You and your partner must be 18 years of more in age.
  • You must prove that any previous relationship that you or your partners were involved has been closed.
  • You both must be intending to stay together in the future.
  • You will need to prove that you and your partner have relationship alike to marriage.
  • You and your partner must have enough funds to support you without claiming any public funds.
  • You partner must be earning £18,600 per year to sponsor you.
  • You require having suitable accommodation for you, your partner.
  • You have to pass the English language test


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Entry Clearance

If you are looking for to enter in the UK based on your relationship with civil partner living in the UK you must apply for entry clearance before you enter the UK. It is feasible to switch to an unmarried partner visa if you are in the UK holding indefinite leave to remain for a period of 6 months. Please do bear in mind you are not eligible to switch your visa into the Unmarried partner visa if you are already in the UK and admitted to a UK visa valid for less than six months – for instance- as a visitor or short term student.

English language requirements

To be eligible to get dependency visa you must prove that you are able to speak and understand English. Therefore you have to pass an English language test and show your eligibility to the UK home office towards the English language.

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