UK Spouse Visa FAQ

UK settlement spouse visa: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have recently married and would like to relocate to the UK, how do we do this?

You will need to apply for a UK settlemet spouse visa unless you and your UK sponsor have established residency in another EEA/EU member state. Family members of British citizens who have exercised a treaty right in another member state as a worker or self-employed may qualify for an EEA family permit .

We had a traditional wedding ceremony and therefore were not issued with a marriage certificate. Will the UK Border Agency (UKBA) accept this?

In order apply for a UK spouse visa, your marriage must be valid in the country where it took place and recognised under UK law. There must be no legal impediment to the marriage under UK law.You must get your marriage registered with the relevant authorities. You will then be issued an official marriage certificate that must be submitted to the appropriate British Consulate, Embassy or High Commission as part of a UK settlement spouse visa application.

Will I be permitted to leave the UK and come back on a spouse visa?

Once you have leave to enter the UK, or leave to remain as a spouse or partner of a British Citizen or UK permanent resident, you will be permitted to re-enter the UK as often as you like while the visa is valid. Please note that you may require a Schengen visa for other EU countries, or any country requiring visas for non-EEA/EU citizens.

I have received my spouse visa, can I establish my own business or work in the UK?

Once you have your spouse visa you will be free to take up employment or establish your own business in the UK. You will also be entitled to medical care in the UK under the NHS.

How long does it usually take to obtain a UK spouse visa?

Visa processing times vary significantly from country to country. In most cases it is best to allow at least two to three months for a settlement application to be processed unless you are able to request a premium service that is currently available in Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the US. Premium settlement applications are usually processed within 10 to 15 days.